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Check your Domain Availability Ofrecemos una instalación automatizada de scripts de WordPress justo en el momento del registro. La solución de alojamiento web compartida perfecta para un pequeño blog de WordPress o un sitio personal impulsado por Joomla. Adecuado para personas que quieren crear un sitio web de aspecto profesional..

Uptime Guarantee Tired of your site timing out, there is no need to worry because here at our hosting we guarantee Daily Data Backup In order to ensure the information you upload on our servers is safe and secure, we back it up every day as long as the account data is less than 5 GB. In case there is a problem, we can restore the content from the day before.

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Money Back Guarantee All our shared web hosting packages come with a day money-back guarantee. That way you can try the service for a month and in case it does not suit your needs and requirements, we will return your money. There is no option for a refund after the 30 days have passed and all domain registrations are final and non-refundable after the domain is registered. No credit card required.

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Disc Space The amount of disk space indicates how much data you can upload on our servers once you purchase a shared hosting account with us. Monthly Traffic The monthly traffic shows how much data you can transfer to and from the server each month. That includes uploading the websites and any other files along with all the visits of the websites hosted in this account. Every domain name that is registered with us is automatically to point to your account with us so no further configuration is required.

Domain name transfer is the process of changing the company that provides the domain registration service without a change in ownership. Free Account Set-up Not only your account is set up instantly but we also do not charge you any setup fees - you can simply start working on your websites. FREE Domain Name If you purchase one of our packages, there is a bonus - one free domain name registration or transfer from the list of promotional domains.

All templates are free of charge.

Online Website Builder With all of our shared hosting packages you will get a free online website builder that does not require any design skills or experience since it includes multiple templates and makes website creation a breeze. Free VPN Access 5 GB Access blocked websites or use country-restricted services by routing your Internet traffic through a secure connection using multiple access points around the world.

Website Migration If you are changing hosting providers, we can move all the content for you in a very timely manner and at no extra cost. We will also test your site to make sure that it is working flawlessly before you point your domain name to our cloud platform. To improve the read and write speeds to some parts of the platform, we also use separate SSDs that are set up as to work as cache only.

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This setup will boost the speed of your websites even more. It works much faster, which means faster sites and more frequent backups, and due to the real-time checksum comparison it performs on all files, no file can ever get. ModSecurity ModSecurity is a popular Apache module that prevents third parties from using exploits to hack a web application. It uses a set of rules to block certain incoming requests as it monitors the HTTP traffic in real time. ModSecurity comes with each and every shared hosting plan that we offer.

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Marketing Tools If you need help to get your website more popular, the easy-to-use marketing tools that are included with each package come to the rescue. You can submit your website to search engines as well as publish news and stories. Video Tutorials Over 40 clips are available through different sections of the web hosting control panel so that you can start finding your way with ease. Online Documentation After carefully studying the questions and difficulties our clients experience with the web hosting control panel and our services, we have compiled an extensive help section with lots of FAQs and tutorials that will help you along the way.

In-house Built Control Panel The Hepsia control panel is an in-house product that is a result of hard work aimed at providing advanced functionality combined with easy-to-use and intuitive design. Multi-lingual Interface over 10 languages We have clients from all over the world and therefore the in-house built web hosting control panel is available in over 10 languages and more are on the way to facilitate our international clients.

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Colour Skins And to make working with our web hosting control panel even more pleasant you can choose the colour theme that suits you best. Hosted Domains You can host with us any top level domain name and this feature shows you how many domain names you can host with each of the shared web hosting packages. Subdomains Subdomains, also known as child domains, are domains that are part of a larger domain. For example anything.

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Parked Domains When you register a domain name just to reserve it for future use, you can use the domain parking feature which allows you to point it to a temporary page for example "Under Construction" or simply redirect the domain to another site. Full DNS Management The web hosting control panel provides you complete access to manage all DNS records of your domain name like changing the A record to point to a different host or the MX records to choose a different mail server to handle your e-mails.

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Custom A and MX Records The A record of the domain name specifies the IP address where the domain name resolves to while the MX records of the domain name specify the mail servers that handle the e-mail of the domain name. The SRV record also known as Service record is used for defining the location of servers for specified services - the hostname and the port number.

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There are specific restrictions for some of the TLDs and you should refer to the Domains page. Registrar Lock Option This is a security feature available for some TLDs to prevent unwanted domain transfers and thus protect your domain name from theft. We grant you access to lock and unlock the domain names at will via the web hosting control panel. This is used in addition or instead of the Registrar Lock for further protection. You can easily obtain the EPP key for your domain names via the web hosting control panel.

That is the best way of protection against spammers and possible identity theft. Webmail You can choose from the three webmail applications we offer to access and manage your e-mail from any computer in the world that is connected to the Internet without any setup or configuration. E-Mail Aliases This feature allows you to set up different e-mail addresses that use the same mailbox and that way you can easily check the messages you receive in all e-mail aliases at the same time.

E-Mail Forwarding This feature allows you to receive the same message in two or more e-mail addresses at the same time or simply redirect all incoming messages from one mailbox to another. Responden con rapidez y eficiencia a nuestras solicitudes e inquietudes. Han estado siempre disponibles para resolver los problemas que nos surgen y han sido pacientes para capacitarnos en las funciones del programa.

Estamos muy satisfechos con el servicio brindado. Realmente estamos muy conformes por su eficiencia , rapidez de respuesta así como por el trato ameno y respetuoso que siempre nos brindan. Altamente recomendable por la dedicación, , la responsabilidad y el entusiasmo con el que desempeñan su labor. A través de ellos hemos logrado tener fluidez y eficiencia en nuestra comunicación, pilar en la comercialización. Hemos compartido casi diez años de trabajo en conjunto y remarcamos siempre su capacidad y buena predisposición.

Diseños a medida pensados para empresas que reconocen la importancia de destacarse del resto y entienden el potencial de su sitio web. UX mobile first wordpress html5 css3 Bootstrap jquery. Google Apps para su correo. Los sistemas enlatados son cosas del pasado, la tecnologia web hoy nos da la posibilidad de desarrollar software que corra en navegadores y puedan ser accedidos desde cualquier lugar del mundo y en cualquier dispositivo. Toggle navigation. UX mejorada Con Bootstrap tu sitio se adapta y provee una mejor Experiencia de Usuario sin importar si se presenta en una notebook o un smartphone.